Lead Generation

Stand out from boring landing pages with forms and content teasers! Assessments get results as a highly engaging way to generate leads across all platforms and channels.

Value & Engagement

Being slapped in the face with a form is still a huge turn-off and results in lost leads. Instead engage prospects with valuable self examination questions based upon your expertise. 

Qualify Your Leads

Eliminate guesswork and number of touch points. Completely align lead generation with qualifying questions and know who is exactly where in your buyer’s journey.

Score and Segment Prospects

Scoring your questions and answers allows you to completely segment your prospects adhering to your sales and marketing rules.

Custom Content Delivery

Accelerate sales by packaging up and delivering custom content all based upon prospects own individual results. 

What is Koalafy Assessments?

Koalafy Assessments is a revolutionary marketing assessment construction application where you provide qualification questions to prospects which are scored along two axis. This is one of the many powers of Koalafy – but it doesn’t end there. Koalafy adheres to all the best practices of digital marketing that no other product does.

The resulting two dimensional grid allows you to align results to your lead stages (e.g. UNQ, MQL, SQL, etc.) and then provide customized results and content that match prospect lead stage. With integration you can pass leads that are sales ready to sales and take appropriate action with all other leads!

We Are Launching Soon!

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Koalafy Assessments is positioned to be one of the top demand generation tools ever developed and we need beta testers. Of particular interest are agencies and those generating a large number of leads on a monthly basis and are seeking new tools to advance their cause!

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