ONE: Move Beyond The “Digital Monologue”

One of the promises of innovation and web 2.0+ was a digital dialogue. However, modern content marketing systems have not delivered on this. They aren’t delivering this in a functional manner that’s well integrated from the initial lead contact throughout the buyer’s journey. In addition, the current digital monologue is as problematic as the interruptive model of marketing and sales. Koalafy Assessments changes all that.

In a dialogue there are questions and answers and relationship is built. It’s also normal during a dialogue for there to be a greater understanding of oneself and our situation relative to others or your solutions. This is what Kolafy Assessments achieves by asking prospects questions, and through their answers,  By scoring prospects responses and then deliver analysis and content a complete engagement cycle is achieved.

Welcome to the digital dialogue. This is a game changing approach that will vastly improve your marketing.  

Don’t stop here, there’s another 20 reasons why to use Koalafy Assessments….

TWO: Get More Higher Quality Leads 

Hitting someone over the head with a landing page and form is not the best way to generate high quality leads (those of you with experience doing this know that’s true). However, there really hasn’t been an alternative – until now (unless you wish to ungate your content).

The alternative? Let’s consider how does Koalafy Assessments delivers higher quality leads. It’s really about user experience and engagement. It’s been well established that positive engagement with prospect results in further and deeper engagement. Koalafy Assessments follows this approach by utilizing enticement, building rapport, raising curiosity, providing guidance, and by delivering direct customized value content.

In addition, whether you utilize SEM, organic content, email, social, list buys, etc. now you can come to expect a 10x-1000x+ improvement in lead conversion. This doesn’t even mention the improved lead process and sales gains (but more on that in a bit) through immediately identifying lead quality and responding appropriately.

THREE: The Gated Content Dilemma


When creating content you need to determine if it will be utilized for direct lead generation and require a form submission. During a marketing process, often this is not even thought about. It truly is a dilemma and here’s why. By gating content you already know you will not get the kind of engagement you are seeking. Alternatively, if you don’t utilize a lead form you may lose a lead. 

Providing a form with gated content is what we call contact-for-content or C4C. There are two key problems with the gated content dilemma. The first is noted above (risk of losing the lead versus engagement). The second dilemma is that nearly every single digital marketing system and methodology requires up front contact submission prior to providing any real benefit to prospects.

There aren’t any good methods to engage with prospects, provide them value, and then after that initial rapport is established then get their contact information. Technically it is not an easily problem to resolve efficiently. 

Koalafy Assessments changes this completely with an innovative system to bypass the dilemma of C4C by implementing a value-for-value exchange (V4V). V4V means that you provide value first and only after you have provided assistance do you collect lead contact information. Say goodbye to the gated content dilemma forever.

FOUR: Prove Content Marketing ROI

This is a huge concerns for marketers and for organizations. In surveys by Hubspot and others there is a consistent finding that marketing managers rank this as one of their biggest concerns. Well, Koalafy Assessments can certainly help!

Assessments on organic landing pages loaded up with great content are a perfect case for the payback and high ROI of content marketing. Yet conversion is key. What better way to engage and prove ROI than with a solid lead engagement tool (rhetorical question)? Koalafy Assessments should be seen as a key component in your overall content marketing conversion strategy in the same manner as a landing page design program or your marketing automation software. As opposed to other tools, this one can be directly proven to pay dividends not only for itself but also for your overall content marketing program!

FIVE: Differentiate from Your Competitors

Do you want to look and feel just like your competitor? Certainly not. It’s extremely likely that your competitors are doing what you are doing….blogs, whitepapers, webinars, video, landing pages. Sure, there are ideas that work and we copy from one another. That’s understandable. 

However, there’s never a bad time to provide more value and separate from the pack. Assessments are new, engaging, innovative, and powerful.

While your competitors stick with the same old methods of interruptive “monologue marketing” with gated content, you can offer engaging, on-demand, “value for value”, customized content delivery!

SIX: Immediately identify Sales Ready Leads

Think about this title for a second “Immediately Identify Sales Ready Leads”. This is insanely powerful. Most organizations identify sales ready leads only through direct engagement with prospects. However, getting direct contact, through physical meetings, phone calls, or other ways, can be extremely difficult to impossible due to availability. Even if someone is in a chat session they may not be interested in talking to sales because they are rarely qualified.

When a sales person is able to reach a prospect the conversation can be delayed and thus it is normally 2 steps backward with conversations often being about qualifying and not in engaging or closing.

In fact, well healed marketing departments, which are extremely rare, may have reliable indicators to indicate sales ready prospects. However, even these advanced departments, utilizing all the tools of marketing automation, scoring, and stages, buying signals and more, still aren’t positive that the leads they send to sales are qualified. 

The reason this is a such a big problem is that marketing doesn’t truly qualify (ask sales people they will typically proudly support this idea). This is why Koalafy Assessments is a huge game changer! Koalafy (aka qualify) your leads using the criteria sales utilizes. Even better, with Koalafy your prospect self-koalafies. Think about how much sales is going to love you, or if you are in sales, well, we think it’s great to give yourself a little love.

SEVEN: Compress Your Sales Cycles

When sales gets self qualified sales ready leads that compresses sales cycles. In addition, Koalafy Assessments has the added benefit of you providing content that’s directly relevant to prospects. There’s the capability within Koalafy to slice and dice your qualification stages as many ways as you’d like. This means you can provide pointed content to address particular concerns of prospects which advances prospects faster through a pipeline.

Then just  target your follow-up via digital and physical means, as appropriate.

Talk about powerful! Some may even want to apply the term AI for Koalafy Assessments capabilities (coming soon).

EIGHT: Precisely Deliver Targeted Content 

Using conventional digital marketing methods you have to assume a lot about lead stages. Based upon those assumptions you either send, or do not send, certain content. Frequently, monitoring actions downstream (after initial data collection) isn’t done, or just isn’t built into marketing automation processes. If you are doing this you are very rare and congratulations. However, whether you have these complexities built or not, Koalafy Assessments eliminates assumptions and improves the entire process.

Now you can deliver targeted content based upon granular and specific answers to your questions. These answers can tie precisely into your sales and marketing qualification stages or marketing/sales funnel. And they easily allow you to expand and modify those stages. For example, if you have an MQL stage or Awareness stage currently, you might find that you can divide that into 3 distinct stages. The same may be true of other stages. The result, when tied into Koalafy, is that you deliver specific content to match a prospect’s place in a refined buyers journey.

NINE: Enhance Your Responsiveness

Koalafy Assessments can tie directly into your marketing automation and CRM providing immediate delivery of qualified leads. In addition, these leads are self qualified and are fact based. After all the prospect is telling you they are qualified and based upon your questions you can ask them if how ready they are to move forward. By meeting their needs, pace, and timeline your not only likely to get a satisfied customer but also more friends and brand advocates. Yes, the future of marketing is here and Koalafy is delivering.

TEN: Deliver Tangible Value to Prospects

There are a lot of tough choices when marketing. Just one example is your focus. Do you focus upon short tale keywords that have larger audiences but also more competitors or long tail keywords with less traffic and less competition. How does this tie into delivering tangible value to prospects? Well, if you deliver your Koalafy Assessment via a landing page there’s no longer the need to make choices like long tail or short tail. The reason is that now you can deliver high value targeted content.

Koalafy does the job of figuring out the real situation with prospects. Getting conversions on landing pages is not a identifier of lead stage! 

What prospects want is real value with content that addresses their specific needs. Broader solutions and recommendations typically do not deliver the required value.

ELEVEN: Obtain Micro and Macro Intelligence

Intelligence has a massive influence over improving marketing and sales results. For marketing to gain prospect intelligence they frequently need to probe into the sales domain via existing customers. This approach works backward by looking at where you’ve been to determine where you want to go.

With Koalafy Assessments marketing cannot only obtains specific information about prospects that can be used to vastly improve conversion but also is able to aggregate data collected to provide super intelligence along many data points. Since you can ask any questions – and even utilize or not for the Assessment – you gain incredible intelligence. For example, just think about future product development. Toss a question or two in there about future needs and viola you may gain much needed information. Tie this together with qualification and you can really tell who’s information is worth the time (without examining company or job title – if you wish). 

TWELVE: Get Data To Improve & Refine Your Processes 

Organizations are often left to behavioral indications as buying signals. We all know how faulty behavior is as a determinant of purchasing. However, when you combine behavior with inquiry you enter a whole new realm. Data that was previously sketchy and non predictive has just become much more reliable. This data allows you to refine and improve both your awareness and also your processes.

In regards to processes, you now can focus on the 20% that’s really moving the needle.and has influence over improving marketing and sales results. As you watch your Assessment results you can adjust your marketing and sales processes. This is so powerful it’s hard to believe. What single system allows for that? Not even web analytics provide business process and marketing process data feedback. Yes, campaign feedback but that’s where they stop. Koalafy Assessments blows the doors of any other system for intelligence.

THIRTEEN: Perfect for Social 

Social networks are perfect for engaging and interesting content. People love to take Assessments that provide interesting insights and information about themselves. Yes, you can even add a cat to provide that extra social like boost (yes, we’re joking – we prefer Koala bears anyway). 

Another element that makes Koalafy Assessments great for social is that we built integration right into the product. You can deliver posts right from Koalafy to the big business social networks. This saves you time and provides a closed loop to your Assessment broadcasting!

FOURTEEN: Get Data To Improve & Refine Your Processes 

Organizations are often left to behavioral indications as buying signals. We all know how faulty behavior is as a determinant of purchasing. However, when you combine behavior with inquiry you enter a whole new realm. Data that was previously sketchy and non predictive has just become much more reliable. This data allows you to refine and improve both your awareness and also your processes.

In regards to processes you now can focus on the 20% that’s really moving the needle. a massive influence over improving marketing and sales results. For marketing to gain prospect intelligence they frequently need to probe into the sales domain via existing customers. This approach works backward by looking at where you’ve been to determine where you want to go.

With Koalafy Assessments marketing cannot only obtains specific information about prospects that can be used to vastly improve conversion but also is able to aggregate data collected to 

FIFTEEN: Let the Sales Team Sell – Not Educate 

If leads end up being driven to a sales team too early the sales staff ends up educating not selling. This can lead to a lot of frustration as well as poor use of resources. This problem can actually result in an array of negative impacts including:  inefficiencies, reduced revenue, failure to meet goals, staffing problems, interdepartmental pressures/conflicts, and more. The ripple effects of poor lead management can be painful and severe. 

Koalafy Assessments allows you to only send sales appropriate leads to the sales team. An Assessment can identify a prospect based upon where they are in a sales process and deliver the prospect the appropriate content. If someone needs to be educated…..let appropriate content do this in an automated fashion. In short, let your videos, webinars, white papers, price sheets, data sheets, product specs, and more work for you! When prospects are ready – contact them! 

SIXTEEN: Sales Enablement

An Assessment that is answered as a customer desires provides them with options that may not have been revealed to date. For example, is it a good time to talk about various financing options? Or, does the prospect need more information about various offerings. What about implementation? 

Think about how powerful an implementation preparation video could be in demonstrating to a prospect that you have well established processes. This is very compelling and can also easily convince your prospect that you are the right company to partner with. You can even use integrated data passed from Koalafy to your CRM or marketing automation platform to nuture these sales ready leads providing targeted sales enablement content.

SEVENTEEN: Resell, Cross-sell, and Upsell 

Selling new products and services to existing customers is one of the easiest paths to additional revenue. However, engaging with existing customers may not be easy. Customers are used to your messaging and may believe they know about everything you already have to offer. So, it can be hard to catch their attention.

Koalafy Assessments is a great way to catch the attention of existing customers and determine if they could benefit from an offering that they currently need more of, do not own or even fully utilize (think training services). 

Creating specific Assessments for existing customers that are based upon products they already own can be a fantastic way to cross-sell and upsell. Allow a prospect to sell themselves based upon their own requirements and needs. With the right timing an Assessment is a sales tool to assist in cross-selling and upselling. And, if the sales staff is not plugged into additional offerings (like services) an Assessment can even be executed automatically at a particular point in a sales process. 

You no longer need to leave things to chance (humans forget or may not be comfortable) because you can pair up Assessment delivery with CRM & marketing automation. As always, send the results to the right individuals and guarantee no additional revenue is left on the table.

EIGHTEEN: Utilize Throughout Your Organization 

We position Koalafy Assessments primarily as a lead generation tool. However, there’s nothing saying that it can’t be used for a range of departments such as Human Resources, IT, Accounts Receivable, or others. Koalafy Assessments even has the option to NOT collect contact information. Therefore it can be utilized internally as an anonymous data collection tool.

The varied uses of Koalafy Assessments are more than we can imagine but we always enjoy the unique ways folks like yourself find to use them (let us know)!

NINETEEN: Surveys & Quizzes Just Don’t Cut It

A key reason that Koalafy Assessments was created was because we needed a sophisticated way for prospects to obtain targeted feedback to our qualifying questions. We also needed a powerful scoring system for both questions and answers. In addition, we needed a way to place prospects onto a X Y Axis similar to Forrester’s Four Quadrant charts. However, we wanted to make the matrix as granular as desired. Thus, surveys and quizzes just didn’t have nearly the power that we required. Not even close.

With Koalafy Assessments you get an extremely robust platform that is tightly aligned with your existing marketing methodologies (another element lost on surveys and quizzes). At the end of the day Koalafy is the perfect tool for anyone seeking to better understand and engage with prospects – as every modern marketers should.  

TWENTY: Convert Your List to Customers

Newsletter content and product information emails are wearing thinner and thinner each day. If you subscribe to any “newsletters” then you know what I mean. We are constantly bombarded with more of the same. Yes, video helps and so does quality information but there is still, little to no engaging content. This is where Koalafy Assessments rules!

With a single link pointing to an Assessments those now have the means to obtain customized content and better understand their own needs. In addition, a similar or even the same Assessment can be reused because as a prospect’s needs change their results should as well. A ton of articles will never deliver that kind of value to newsletter subscribers. Nor will videos. Koalafy Assessments can cause those who are sitting on the sidelines to engage so you can convert them into customers.

TWENTY ONE: Increase Sales & Marketing Efficiency

Finding ways to increase the efficiency of sales and marketing teams can be a difficult task that few have the endurance to ensure. The result? It’s rough to make both really efficient or even identify ways to do so. But, frequently there are processes that you can put in place that MAY have an impact. The challenge? Things change very fast.

What we know is that if processes are tight then the ship runs more efficiently. Well, what’s great about Koalafy Assessments is that it ties into, and even assists in the creation, adherence, and refinement of processes. Since there are items that must be thought through prior to implementing Koalafy you are already moving in the right direction. For example, it’s normal to start examining your content (what will you provide to prospect), your marketing and sales stages (how do you determine which bucket a prospect should go into and what modifications are needed – if any), how are you qualifying leads (what do we need to know to determine which stage a prospect falls into), and more.

As you can see this is yet another of the many unintended, but fantastic, benefits of Koalafy.

Koalafy Assessments is a web based Assessment development application to generate business leads that incorporates marketing best practices like content marketing, lead scoring and segmentation.




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