Koalafy Assessments Builds Persuasion and Rapport

We could easily start each article talking about the challenge between a concept and putting it into place. This is especially true because implementing usually requires one or two big things: * process; * messaging. Yes, there are other elements too however these two are central to marketing implementation.

In any case, what in the world does this have to do with persuasion and rapport? Easy, if you want to build rapport and persuade prospects you need to do things differently (ok captain obvious). So, we need a process and adjustment in messaging.

What we propose is that through the use of Koalafy Assessments you can implement a coherent process methodology and approach to both building rapport and building persuasion. But, let’s break it down and discuss why and how.

WHY Does Koalafy Assessments Build Persuasion and Rapport?

A lot of work has been done studying persuasion. An entire area of we developed literature has been written on persuasion marketing. The concept is to move individuals from their current behavior to adopting our perspective or product. A host of techniques have been developed to achieve those goals. Persuasion goes from the nuanced to the overt and from the subtle to the aggressive. Yet, modern methods of marketing require more and more sophisticated approaches for persuasion primarily because individuals are more sensitive to certain types of approaches that can have negative effects.

Koalafy Assessments is built upon the most modern and well-researched concepts behind persuasion and rapport building. These techniques are advanced because they abandon the many failed approaches of manipulation and attempting to convince using pure logic and adopt a proven emotionally based structured approach. In addition, the architecture of Koalafy Assessments provides for the option and tuning of the message to achieve the proper blend for your specific audience. What this means is that for a technical audience the Assessment can be technically oriented and for a more impulsive consumer the content can emphasis questions that appeal to their sensibilities. Thus Koalafy is an open solution. It is the framework and design that leverages the construction of persuasion and rapport building.

Why? Even the shyest individuals want to be heard. Allowing individuals to present their thoughts addresses one of the most fundamental and core desires of humanity – to be respected, heard, and appreciated. From the billionaire to the homeless all individuals want to be heard. They want to be recognized and taken seriously. This is why social networks have taken off. Everyone wants to be heard in one way or another. Koalafy Assessments structures the desire to be heard in a useful system designed to obtain leads for you and valuable content for the Assessment taker.

HOW Does Koalafy Assessments Build Persuasion and Rapport?

If we break down the structural elements of Koalafy Assessments we can see how you will build rapport and obtain persuasion. Let’s look at rapport first. Through the construction of questions that allow prospects to self reflect you are allowing individuals to think about themselves. This is in sharp contrast to conventional marketing methods that push your solution upon the visitor. Even when using a white paper or webinar you concentration is upon impressing your message upon them. From a prospects perspective, this requires them performing translation. And, from that point of view, the marketer must attempt to magically align messaging to prospects situations. The marketer must figure out prospects conditions in a general enough way to work across many customers. Who thinks marketers now need a salary increase? It’s tough work to do this. Not only that it is fraught with problems. Many companies do not even do this process and instead merely just present their solution and let the chips fall where they may. There’s no attempt to get into the head, situation, challenge, or environment that prospects have to deal with.

Koalafy Assessments literally forces you to think about your prospects! It does this because it is centered around designing questions for prospects that will allow them to derive value. You are constantly thinking about your prospects through the entire development process of your Assessment. You are gaining information and they are realizing their own situation. They are also realizing through answering that there are other possibilities other than what exists for them. They are growing! You are helping them! All through this process. Deep stuff!

What better way to build rapport than to find the intersection between your offerings and customer requirements?

According to Robin Dreeke, behavioral analysis expert and author of several books on the subject of rapport, lists as the most important element of build rapport as making it “all about them” ( He goes on to say, “Our brain also rewards us when we are unconditionally accepted for who we are as a human being without judgment.”

What better way to accept others and make it about them then to ask them questions and have them provide answers? If you really think giving things away – behind a form – is sufficient you have missed the boat completely. People want to focus on themselves and if you do not do it then they will likely find someone who will.

Robin goes on:

“Trust first starts with a relationship where the other person’s brain is rewarding them for the engagement with you by doing what I outlined above.

“…Part two of my trust process is to understand the other person’s goals and keeping their goals and priorities on the top of my list of goals and priorities. By making the other person’s goals and priorities yours, trust will develop. Over time (some people faster than others) a need to reciprocate the kindness and relationship will build. In other words, trust is built faster and stronger when there is no personal agenda.”

This is the EXACT systematic approach Koalafy Assessments adheres to. You can do this is the exact thing for your prospects. You are rewarding them for engagement through self-focus and self-benefit then ultimately provide them with results that match their desires. Notice how this moves to reciprocation. This is powerful and means you are now in a situation where persuasion comes into play.

A Word About Persuasion

We’re not a big fan of manipulation. We favor ‘matching’ and belief. When we can identify underlying beliefs we can determine if there’s potential for working with others. If beliefs do not match others then persuasion can quickly turn manipulative. We don’t think manipulation is necessary as the world is big enough for all of us and we can live with a clean and happy conscious with no need to manipulate anyone.

So, persuading largely becomes about receptivity. Although this is rarely written about by leaders in this area this means you must have the opportunity to be heard. This is also one of the biggest problems for digital engagement and is completely missed by nearly all authors on persuasion (related to marketing). Just think about your abandon, engagement, click thru, bounce and other such rates. If you do not capture attention in a positive way, where prospects are set to be receptive, then the opportunity is lost.

It is crucial that prospects are willing to take the time to be open to your thoughts, products, services, offerings, etc. The groundwork really has been laid merely by the presentation and delivery of an Assessment. Once they start it allows prospects to reflect upon their own situation by asking them questions about themselves. You have satisfied both their need for self-examination and reflection as well as their need for practical solutions to their situation which is delivered in the form of customized content (reciprocity is one of the best-known means of both persuasion and rapport/trust building). The Koalafy Assessment approach is inherently superior and more efficient than all other forms of automated marketing. Yet, this is just one tiny examine of how Koalafy Assessments leverages the science of psychology and integrates it into your overall marketing solution.


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