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Frequently Asked Questions

Not Sure How To Create A Great Assessment

The first thing to consider is what makes a lead qualified for your organization? If you use a system to qualify that is what your Assessment can align to. For example, for a lead to be qualified they need to have a certain budget and a real need. So, budget and need would form your X and Y-axis. Now you can create questions that help determine their level of qualification. 

Need our help? We offer Assessment creation services. To learn more CLICK HERE. 

How do I Upgrade?

Upgrading is very simple. Log into your account. Once there go to the avatar icon at the top right and select My Account. On that page, you’ll see the ability to Upgrade to a new account level as well as Add Users or Add Assessments. 

I Need Help Understanding Fields and Pages?

There are video help files created for each screen. If this is turned off in your control panel you can still access the help for that screen by clicking on the Help button with the play icon on the top right of the page. 

As An Agency Do We Really Need the Agency Version?

We created the agency version because they have specific needs. Here are the 2 big benefits:

* Supports multiple companies/accounts so the results are. not intermixed;

* Assign team members to manage each company/account. 

The agency version also provides more functionality and total allowed Assessments.

You can try the free version (non agency) to get a feel for how Koalafy works. It is limited but at least you will get an idea of how it can generate leads for you and your clients.


What Do I Do If I Run Out of Assessments?

You have a couple of options:

  1. Delete an Assessment. It’s important to know that deleting an Assessment deletes all the associated results. This frequently is not a good idea since all your historical data is there. 

How Does Integration Work?

We have a plan regarding building extensive integrations. Right now the best method is to export your results and import into your target. In fact, you may want to bring your results into Excel so you can filter out undesirable results. 

To export your results go to your main Dashboard and the far right of an Assessment you will see Actions. Just to the left of it is our Export icon. Select that and choose the desired format. It’s that simple. 


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We have big plans. Koalafy Assessments is going to get better and better. If you have something we missed please let us know.