Generation & Qualify Leads for Your Clients

Proven highly engaging lead system that adheres to sales & marketing best practices!

Set Your Agency Apart

Generate More Leads

Rapidly Identify Qualified Leads

Deliver Precise Content to Accelerate Sales

Align Lead Generation to Marketing Best Practices

Digital marketing best practices have evolved but our methodologies have not. Time to change all that. Discover the right approach to lead generation.

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Evolve Beyond Single Landing Pages & Single Content

Identify a prospect’s real needs and deliver packaged content that addresses their specific needs.

Personalized Content Accelerates the Buyer's Journey

Assessment results deliver content specifically addressing a prospects level of qualifcation. Now prospects move faster to purchase making your agency look really steller!

Build Real Rapport by Delivering Value FIRST

Assessments cause prospects to reflect and examine their personal situation. Prospects focus on themselves. They want their results and provide you their info. Your client will benefit as you maintain and improve their brand with positive customer rapport.

NO Form Confrontation

Confronting visitors with forms moves their thoughts off of your offerings and onto confrontation. They question, weigh, evaluate, and consider providing their real information. They may even pass false information, if possible. Assessments build rapport, stop the games, and deliver real value first.



Designed for agency teams that manage accounts.

Reporting Dashboard

Our dashboard not only provides easy to view results and extensive filtering, it provides reporting by client.

Agency Knowledgebase

Provide clients with segregated and actionable leads. Now you know who to nurture and who to send directly to sales.

Easy to Move Data

Granular exporting makes management of results easy. Import into your systems for management, if desired.

Deep Intelligence

Compare customers, assessments, qualifications, and more. The data intelligence possibilities are endless. Information provided can inform marketing campaigns, spend, ROI, and more. 

Improve Internal & External Communication

We know all kinds of things about what creates relationship and engagement but until now finding a tool that addresses a full array of needs has been missing. Koalafy Assessments is based upon proven psychology studies and marketing data metrics! These approaches have been integrated into the design delivering all major best practice elements into a single solution.

Collect Actionable Data

Koalafy delivers both client specific data as well as macro data across all clients. This is powerful for you to understand what is working and apply as you see fit. Your intelligence will be another value!

Manage & Deliver

Customer Data

Agency accounts provide for client management so you can segment control among different Account Managers. Your team can easily monitor, manage, and export individual account data.

The Price?

We have a very flexible and fair pricing model for agencies. Check it out and get started today.

"I didn't fully consider how all our landing pages and forms fail to aligned to marketing best practices! Koalafy Assessments addresses these distortions."

– Kevin Shayne, NetSource Technologies

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